Darlene Burger is semi-retiring!

Darlene has been with Folsom PT since 2002!

She is such a light to this company, and we will miss seeing her face everyday.

We turned our annual Christmas/ New Year party into a celebration dinner for her, and as a “Thank you for being amazing” she was surprised with a beautiful gift (a gorgeous bracelet) from our wonderful owners, Michael J. Moore and Tim McGonigle.





























tim-and-michael-cincinatti-conf-2013_xsmTim McGonigle and Michael J. Moore recently traveled to Zaragoza, Spain to convene with Norwegian mentors Olaf Evjenth and Freddy Kaltenborn about the succession of their mentors’ legacy.  Tim has been selected as the USA representative of the Kaltenborn/Evjenth method, whose primary mission it is to oversee and enhance the practice of orthopedic physical therapy internationally.




mjm 2Michael J. Moore was recognized as one of 150 University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) distinguished alumni to receive the “Alumni Excellence Award” from the schools of medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, Bio-Medical Engineering, Bio-Chemistry, and their graduate division under which the physical therapy program exists.

The UCSF Alumni Awards Committee of 14 people from these various departments was charged to select 150 alumni out of over 700 nominees. Only two physical therapists were selected. The number ‘150’ was used commemoratively as this May’s celebration was the concluding ceremony of a year-long celebration of UCSF’s 150 years of existence in San Francisco.

Michael was quoted as being “deeply honored and extremely humbled” to be in the company of such a prestigious group. He added “there are many more deserving UCSF physical therapists in the community who have accomplished many great achievements in their careers.”

The 150 recipients ranged in age from 35 to 102 years old with one recipient a Nobel Prize winner. Another recipient was Michael Roizen MD, Chief of the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and frequent guest consultant on the Dr. Oz Show. Finally, pharmacist Victoria Hale, who eradicated a tropical disease by not only finding a medicine to treat it, but also creating a non-profit drug company to pay for its manufacturing, was given a standing ovation for her contributions to improving her global community.